Stucked in Sao Tome - Damaged Tyre

A trip to Sao Tome which is suppose to be just a turn around, end up as a night stop. During transit check found that one of the wheel have a multiple damaged beyond maintenance manual limit. There is few cut , thread chunking cut which pass through the cut protector and exposing the carcass ply, plus there is few more circumferential cuts that makes the wheel is good enough to ground the aircraft.

If we compare the damaged with reference to tyre nomenclature diagram below, it seem that the damaged is not that serious, however with the speed involved during take-off plus the effect of pressurization in flight, we have to consult the manufacturer first before decision made to release the aircraft.

Bird Nest Inspection

I was in Seychelles for 3 days and as per company procedure aircraft need to be inspected after 2 days of parking. Among item to be look for during this inspection is any bird nest especially in the hidden area mainly in the wheel well. However to my suprise, i can spot it easily this time. Right on top of the nose gear steering actuator module.
The mother bird still there when i spot her but she flew away when i want to took her photo. Besides any foreign object such as the bird nest, inspection for any leakage of fluid mainly the hydraulic and oil, structural damage as well as the tyre pressure check will be done as well. Although the inspection is not extensive, at least we can prevent any surprise especially on the day of departure with VIP waiting.

No 5 Window Cracked

Came back from flight while performing the post flight check, i've notice inrregularities at the No 5 cockpit window. This window sometime been called "eyebrow window" located on top of cockpit crew head so it is hardly noticeable if there is a defect on it.

I've checked it & found that the cracked was in the middle layer as there is no feeling of the crack from outer as well as the inner surface of the window. There is three layer in this window, the middle layer that cracked is the vynil layer. This is the load bearing layer, the next fail safe is the inner layer which is made of glass.
Closer look at the edge of the window, there is a sign of overheated, the main probable cause for the crack to happen. This defect is beyond limit and the window replaced as soon after that.