Accident in Luton Airport

Mar 20th 2007 Luton Airport.

Mid size jet was parked infront of my aircraft after it has been placed at overnight parking bay. I was in impression that aircraft will be towed to taxiway and taxi out for takeoff however it is not, due to the jet blast from the engine start, the passanger step placed next to my aircraft was blown away and hit number 1 engines inlet lip.

Damaged assesment found it is out of Structural Repair Manual limit for normal flight, measurement taken and forwarded to Boeing for evaluation. Boeing granted approval for 1 ferry flight and 1 revenue flight.
Depart next day to Agadir as ferry, night stop for 8 hrs and head back to Riyadh next day as revenue flight.

Lucky it was only a dent, if it a puncture, for sure i have to stay in Luton at least for 1 week. Nice place to stay but with very temperature almost 0 deg Celcius, back home is much better.