Oxygen Bottle & Main Batteries

I have to change the crew oxygen bottle the other day and i want to share something that is unique about B737 NG which is the crew oxygen bottle and two main batteries are next to each other. On BBJ's that i work on 3 out of 4 don't have external panel for crew oxygen servicing so basically we have to change the bottle every time it drop below dispatch limit.

Located in E&E bay (avionic compartment) however to change either the batteries or the oxygen bottle, access from the forward cargo is required. Forward bulkhead of the forward cargo need to be removed for access. The panel secured with quick release fasteners which make it easier to be removed.

What I'm trying to highlight here is, in my opinion as well as other working mate that I've spoken with, we are surprised to saw this condition as batteries and oxygen which both is considered very sensitive and dangerous item positioned next to each other. I guess Boeing have calculated all the risk to allow this configuration.
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