Tips From VIP

One of the interesting part of flying with the VIP’s is, most of them very generous especially the princes and the princess. The more difficult the flight which is like long waiting time, long flight such as to United States which very tiring to the crew, most of the time will be well compensated.

I take this shot to give you some idea what I’m talking about. Before landing or sometimes after VIP disembark, cheif pilot will distribute the envelopes of tip money. It’s depend on luck as well, sometimes there is a VIP that always give good amount of tips however when he or she in a bad mood, all of the crew will be left without any envelope.

Wanna know maximum amount I received? Put your guess in the comment, I will let you know after 10 guessing.

ps: Photo taken after i finished my shopping in Boston.


  1. Akram said...

    1000 usd?

  2. Helmis said...

    nope.. 500 only.. but that is after i spend half of it.

  3. Soleh said...

    Wow, thats great, 500USD is like a month wage in Malaysia..isn't is?huhu