Pre Refueling - Water Check

Prior to carry out refueling of an aircraft, the quality of the fuel from the fuel truck (bowser) must be checked to ensure it cleanliness as well as the present of water. Dirty fuel can caused fuel filter clogged and water can frezzed at high altitude during flight thus blocking the fuel going to the engine.

Normally at the bowser, there a small glass container in which fuel sample from the bowser can be collected. Visually we can check the cleanliness. To check for presence of water, we need to use the water detector capsule.

With water detection capsule attached at the front of the shringe, the fuel that been suck will pass through it. The capsule contain chemical that will change colour when exposed to water molecule.

If no water molecule present in the fuel, the capsule colour will remain unchanged from the original which light yellow.
This is what happen when the water introduced to the capsule. Turned dark blue which indicate the present of water.
So far i never had an experience this test failed from most of the fuel supplier around the world, aircraft fuel is high quality kerosene that been processed through very strict high quality standard to ensure safety operation of an aircraft.

Thanks to Benny from Cotonou, Benin which coorperate & enable me to take the photo of the test.