Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Summer already started and ambient temperature is now getting higher and higher everyday until September when it will start to drop again.

In hot weather like this, the airconditioning system (a/c) will have to work harder in order to produce sufficient cool air to chill out the cabin. The heat exchanger is part of airconditioning system where transfer of heat from the engine bleed air back to ambient before the air further process by the air cycle machine (heart of a/c system) to produce cool air.

With dusty enviroment such as here in middle east, the dust or dirt can accumulate in between the fins of the heat exchanger thus reduce the efficiency. Cleaning of the heat exchanger is necessary, with heat exchanger backfush cleaning process.

Here is the photo that i took while we doing it on one of the BBJ, the mix of hot air and water was injected from backside of the heat exchanger so it force out the dust and dirt that trapped inside the heat exchanger itself.

There is slight improvement for the output of the a/c system after we did this, however with ambient temperature of 45 deg C, getting sufficient cool air out of the a/c is seems difficult, we still need the use external ground airconditioning cart.