Refueling Control Panel

This is the place where control for refueling process took place. Located at the forward edge of right hand lower surfaces. Amount of fuel required base on the flight plan will be routed to certain tanks by controlling the switch of each tank. What unique about BBJ is that, there is additional control for auxiliary fuel tank which is located in forward and aft cargo compartment.

Normally the wing tank will be filled up first followed by the center tank, any extra fuel required then will be routed to the auxilliary tank. Depend on the density of the fuel for that day (fuel density varies mainly due to temperature) the maximum quantity for each wing tank is 3800 kg (4800 liters) and center tank 12750 kg (16200 liters). For auxilliary tank, on BBJ that i work on it has 1 auxiliary tank at the forward cargo and 3 tank in the aft cargo, each can be filled up to 1500 kg (1900 liters) and 2900 kg (3600 liters) respectively.

In each tank there is an instrument that will measure the capacitance of the fuel and from that through fuel processing unit will convert it to kilogram. Weight of the fuel is more relevant for aircraft as it will be added to total weight of an aircraft to determine take off thrust setting for engine for that particular flight.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I really appreciated the blog on fuel.
    Can we come up with a fail safe way of refuelling any fuel load on the bbj.