What is BBJ?

I should put this as my first posting, not all know what BBJ is. Well it basically a glorified 737NG (next generation). NG series is -600/700/800/900. There is 2 type of BBJ, BBJ1 & BBJ2. BBJ1 basially a 737-700IGW (inreased grosss weight) due to it has a 737-700 fuselage with 737-800 wing's and center section so that's why IGW is there.

To cater for VIP needs for comfort (larger space onboard their private jet) plus longer range, Boeing with joint venture with General Electric has come out with the idea to sell this type of aircraft, BBJ1 in 1996 & BBJ2 in 1999. With additional fuel tanks in the cargo area, more fuel can be add up thus providing longer range. But of course it is give and take between range and payload. If you want more baggage space & more seats the range will be shorter than max fuel tanks in cargo with less passanger. For instance, max range with 8 vip onboard plus full fuel tanks can go up to 11,000km in range, basically from London to LA, Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo with ease.

The BBJ that came out from Boeing plant will be green aircraft ie without interior/cabin equipment. First it will be sent to Patts Aviation in Wichita, USA for auxiliary fuel tank installation. Depend on customer preference, the aux fuel tank which is basically like a cargo box will be installed in forward or aft cargo or maybe on both side. After that it will be sent to outfitting center furnish the cabin as per customer requirement. The very popular outfitter is Jet Aviation in Basel, Switzerland, very well known with their high quality workmanship.

After several months the aircraft will be delivered to their customer with their custom fit cabin. Sofas, full size bed (plus massage), showers, full size galley, big plasma TV with full surround sound, as per customer request, just name it but of course it will come with a price, not a problem if you are a billionaire.