Hydraulic Leaking

This happened 2 years ago but i still have the photo to share, massive hydraulic leaks around both main landing gear. Aircraft has been brought to maintenance facility for retraction test to confirmed the leak from main landing gear actuator however after 5 complete retaction cycle there is no sign of leak from either MLG actuator.

Here is the photo taken in Heathrow, after 8 hrs flight from base to pick-up VIP from London. It is difficult to make decision from where it leak when ground check unable to confirm it. Multiple theory was brought up by my work-mate such as it could be from ground spoiler, i'm insist on it is from the MLG even though ground check unable to confirm it.

Lucky for us the aircraft heading for hangar check and part of the package was to replaced the MLG actuator as called out by SB. Since then everything is back to normal so it prove that the culprit is the MLG actuator even though the ground retraction unable to proof it. Probably it need load from airflow when the aircraft take-off and approach to induce the leak.


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