Key To Start An Aircraft Engine.

Is there any key to start an engine? The answer is no. The only thing that is required to start the engine is to turn the start switch knob, here is the pic of the knob so that you can figure out how it is looks like.

As an aircraft engineer, from time to time we do need to start the engines to check their performances or perform leak checks after the maintenance task has been performed.

After preparation have been made in term of other aircraft systems such as pneumatic, hydraulic & electric, plus after safety measures have been comply with, the knob will be turn to GND position. This will direct the pressurised air from pneumatic system to the aircraft starter that which, through the gearboxes will turn the engine, after certain percentage of engine rotation, the fuel will be introduced that will direct the fuel to the combustion chamber plus the ignition will be light-up at the same time. Here is the pic of the fuel lever for both engines.

As the combustion happen inside the engine, the starter will automatic cut-off by the computer including the ignition, not like in car engines where ignition happen all the time as the piston goes up and down.

Once the engine stabilize at idle then the whole process of starting is completed, the same sequence applied to the other engine.