Most Eventfull Flight - Morrocco - Benin - Angola - Libya

I just came back from the most "eventful" flight as quoted by maintenance controller to whom we consult incase of defect during line operation.

From Abu Dhabi to Al-Ain, landed with Air Traffic Controller no 2 failed, while fueling the fuel to Rabat, the fuel automatic cut-off once the center tank reach it maximum level also failed thus overflow from the underwing fuel tank vent outlet.

From Rabat, we go to Cotonou, Benin, then to Luanda, Angola and back to Cotonou. Then we go to Tripoli, Libya, on departure back to Cotonou we have Auxilliary Power Unit automatic shutdown, interrogate APU BITE (Built In Test Equipment) found autoshutdown due to high oil temperature, we departed with engine start using ground air starter. Before start there is CDS (Common Display Unit) fault messages, cycle the circuit breakers clear the defect.

Landed safely in Cotonou and opened APU cowl to check any abnormalities, found APU oil scavenge filter pop-out indicates filter is clogged, APU remained inoperative and will be repaired once aircraft returned back to base.

On departure back to Abu Dhabi, IRS (Initertial Reference System) ON DC fault light came on, found IRS circuit breaker pop-out, reset back and after 5 minutes IRS fault cleared, then we have both engine control ALT fault and TCAS came on as well, recycle ENG control switch & TCAS circuit breaker cleared both defects. I'm sure all this avionic defect related to less cooling as we dont have airconditioning during aircraft preparation as the APU is inoperative, as it get hot, the electronic units tend to failed and trip off to prevent further damaged.

I'm preparing this write-up from 37000 feet on the way back to base, long 8 days trip and of course with full of experience. From Africa with love.......


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