BBJ Winglet

Earlier BBJs was delivered without the winglet because it is still waiting for FAA approval. Now all BBJ delivered to customer with the winglet. Earlier BBJ have to go to winglet installation center like Patts Aviation in Wichita to get it installed, however nowadays there are few more maintenance organization approved by Boeing to carry out the installation like Malaysia Airlines Engineering in Kuala Lumpur.

Winglet mainly gave two major benefits, to reduce drag created by turbulence of airflow at the wing tip during flight thus provide fuel efficiency for longer flight range. Second benefit is cosmetic wise. It gave more corporate look for this VVIP aircraft. Imagine this BBJ without winglet, does it looks like corporate VIP aircraft? I don’t think so.

Below is the technical summary from Boeing website.

Blended winglets offer operational and economic benefits to BBJ and 737-800 customers. Mission block fuel is improved approximately 4 percent. Range capability is increased by as much as 200 nmi on the BBJ and 130 nmi on the 737-800 commercial airplane. The reduction in takeoff flap drag during the second segment of climb allows increased payload capability at takeoff-limited airports.
Environmental benefits include a 6.5 percent reduction in noise levels around airports on takeoff and a 4 percent reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions on a 2,000-nmi flight.
The blended winglets now are available as standard equipment on BBJs, as optional equipment on 737-800 commercial airplanes, and by retrofit for BBJs, 737-800, and 737-700 commercial airplanes already in service. Because the winglet structure and systems follow established maintenance intervals and life cycles, winglets have a minimal effect on airplane maintenance.