Nose Gear Low Extension

I was in Seoul, Korea from 9 Feb to 15 Feb 07, upon arrival in Incheon Airport during my walkaround check found nose gear strut with very low extension. Only 1 inch of the chrome part visible. Since tired of long 11 hours flight from Riyadh to Seoul i decided to return back to aircraft after few days.

On 12 Feb, I've made arrangement with Korea Business Airport Service (KBAS) representative, our ground handler for me to visit the aircraft to check the aircraft condition before our departure on 15th. This is a norm in VIP service as we don't want any surprise on departure date.

Miss Son from KBAS escort me to the aircraft from the terminal, security is very tight, the airport security did not allow me to bring my camera inside. Well no problem so we headed to the aircraft.

I've requested the maintenance support personnel to be there to assist me rectify the nose landing gear low extension problem. As per the maintenance manual, we are allowed to top up the nitrogen for the strut to bring it up to the specified length as per the chart in the MM as well as at the nose wheel well left hand bulkhead.

So i top up the nitrogen for the strut and got the required extension. Walkaround check found aircraft is in good condition. Headed back to the hotel after that.. long journey... 1 hr drive... no problem because they provide me nice big hyundai limo...

Thanks to Miss Son for the picture below, she shot it with her phone and email it to me.